ERROR: EMMC WAS NOT Detected! (CMD1)--Solution

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Error --

2. Connect the Soldered TP Connections to ATF Box
3. Disconnect the USB Cable and Wait until the
the ATF Software will tell you to Connect the USB."

Check your Test Point Soldering!
CMD1 Reply: 0x00000000

ADAPTER USED --ATF 4in1 Adapter V2

Solution --

1. Check and confirm soldering is perfect. Reduce wire length as low as 5cm

If you are getting same error --

2. --

4 in 1 Adapter --

  • Check 1.8V, 2.8V And 3.3V are OK
  • 3.3V may be near 3V only--IF 3.3v is not OK continue --IF OK Please STOP HERE and excuse me

Why 3.3V is not OK??

The regulator used is -- AMS117 3.3V
Datasheet -- Attachment 346792

  • There should be at-least 1.25V difference between Input and output of AMS117 series regulators
  • Its a 5V to 3.3V regulator

Input for AMS117 3.3V regulator?

  • Input of AMS117 - 4.2V
  • Output expected 3.3V But since min. V difference between I/P and O/P is 1.25V, SO , obtained O/P 4.2V-1.25= 2.95V

So the 3.3V is not getting.

What to do?

  • Remove AMS117 3.3V regulator
  • Provide 3.3V externally.
  • Set max current 200mA
  • Vcc - 2.8V , Vccq - 3.3V
Note-- If Box goes OFF when connecting adapter, remove R3 (zero ohm R) near sd-card connector

Change Vccq to 3.3V in ATF SW . These steps helped me. Hope this will solve the not connecting issue. Try :)

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