Cube iWork 10 Flagship Dual boot (i15TD) - unlock, TWRP, root

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WARNING: Performing the actions decribed here will void your warranty and possibly brick your device. This was not written for complete noobs and assumes some prior experience. I will not be held responsible if you ruin your device.

NOTE: This was all tested on a stock iWork 10 Flagship dual boot (aka iWork 10 Ultimate) purchased from the manufacturers website. Device model is "i15 T", Device serial number starts with "i15TD": if you have another variant such as i15TL i can not vouch for any of this working the same way.

OTA: Most likely this will break OTA. Dont know yet...

  • PC with working ADB/Fastboot
  • Device properly recognized.
I'm using ubuntu 15.10 so I just added an entry to /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules to get things going properly

TIP: I would highly recommend extracting your stock recovery, boot and system images for safekeeping. These can easily be flashed back in fastboot if something goes wrong. Some may say this is overkill as you will be able to backup and recover with TWRP, but one never knows...

Unlocking bootloader

WARNING: this will erase all data, settings, etc... AND system default language will be chinese when you reboot
  1. Go to settings, about tablet and tap 5 times on the Build number to activate developer options
  2. Go to Developer options and enable OEM unlocking & USB debugging
  3. Plug in your device while booted into android, then open a terminal

just to make sure adb is good type

adb devices
my output looks like this

List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF        device

reboot tablet into fastboot mode

adb reboot fastboot
The device will now reboot to the OS selection screen. Select android and then it will boot into fastboot mode

once again just to be sure all is good type

fastboot devices
once again, my output

0123456789ABCDEF        fastboot

then to unlock the bootloader

fastboot oem unlock
you then should see something like:


(bootloader) Unlock protection is set
(bootloader) Unlocking anyway since this is not a User build
OKAY [ 15.330s]
finished. total time: 15.330s

This is what you should see now in the bootloader if all went well:
LOCK STATE - unlocked

Your bootloader in now unlocked. When you reboot it will take some time for the first boot and the system language will have defaulted back to chinese. Not too difficult to sort if you're familar with Android settings. Otherwise just google "android change system language from chinese to english".

Tip: At this point you may want to already download/copy the supersu zip to internal storage of the tablet so you're all set up for flashing it later...

Modified boot.img

Because of built in security, if you make any changes to system the device will not boot, so you need a modified boot image.

If you have the exact same kernel version as I do you can download the provided modified boot image here. Otherwise you can look HERE for instructions on how to make your own modified boot image. Personally I used SuperR's Kitchen to unpack & repack the image and did the modifications manually with gedit.

Kernel version 3.14.37-x86_64-L1-R429 made on Wed Mar 2 18:22:46 CST 2016
-if you have that one you are good to go ahead.

Boot device into fastboot connected to PC. From the directory where you have the modified boot image type:

fastboot flash boot i15TDboot.img
That's it, now on to recovery and rooting...

Flashing custom TWRP (compiled by @vampirefo)

Assuming you are still connected to the device in fastboot and the custom recovery is in the same directory:


fastboot flash recovery i15t_recovery.img
Now use volume buttons to select recovery mode and tap power button.

You should now be in TWRP. First, please be smart and make a backup!

Because this device has an unusual mount point, the supersu script will fail to properly mount system (thus failing to flash) so:
  1. From TWRP main screen select "mount" then select system, then return to main screen
  2. Select "install" and then the supersu zip you should already have on the tablet.

Before rebooting, we need to prevent the system from automatically restoring stock recovery:
  1. In TWRP main screen select "advanced" then "file manager"
  2. go to /system/etc rename to

Reboot and enjoy!!!

If you're looking for more info on this device, check out Laura's great thread

@vampirefo - for taking the time to compile TWRP for this device, you rule man!
Laura - for all the info she's made available for this device
@superr - for his kitchen

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