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Ulefone Future review, including GPS, battery life test results, Ulefone Future Antutu and more.
(All original writing here, based on source at GizBeat: http://www.gizbeat.com/review/ulefon...755-helio-p10/)

We've always liked Ulefone. They generally make very good phones with good components and solid build. The Ulefone Future is especially interesting due to it's bezel-less display.

Ulefone Future camera
The camera on the Ulefone Future is the 16mp Samsung S5K3P3. It's a very good camera capable of putting out very good images, but in certain situations overexposed images. This was easily fixed by setting exposure to -1EV or shooting in HDR mode.

Have a look to see what we mean. The first shot looks good, but there are some blown out highlights...All in all not bad DR for a tiny sensor, but stopping down -1EV helped bring the highlights back and adds some depth to the shot. Note that there were no edits made to these images other than crop and resize.

First shot (no exposure/focus point set, just point and shoot)

Second shot at -1EV (no exposure/focus point set, just point and shoot)

And here a big crop and resize

Overall the Samsung S5K3P3 is a very good mid-range camera sensor, and it's difficult to tell images apart from pictures from higher-priced sensors such as Sony IMX298 unless making 100% crops and comparing very closely.

Ulefone Future review WiFi
Ulefone Future reaches about 80ft/24m before becoming unstable. This is 60% of the distance we require to be considered excellent and should be fine for nearly all home and business situations.

Ulefone Future review GPS
GPS on the Future is good. Warm locks happen in seconds and the GPS lock stays strong. SNR is a bit lower than we'd like to see, but in real world situations shouldn't be an issue.

Ulefone Future battery life
Battery life on the Future can be considered good, hitting 6-7 hours on our WiFi/YouTube/140lux/720p video test. The average user can expect to get about 5 hours SOT.

Ulefone Future review gaming
We tested gaming on the Ulefone Future and hit a consistent 30fps on NOVA at 1080p default and a consistent 25-30fps on Asphalt 8 1080p default.

Ulefone Future review Antutu
Antutu on the Ulefone Future hits a solid 51k

Ulefone Future review OS fluidity and stability
During our time with the Ulefone Future there were no force closes. The OS is extremely fluid with MT6755 Helio P10 pushing Android 6.0 without issue.

Ulefone Future review RAM
RAM on the Ulefone Future is a big 4GB. We found we could have multiple tabs opened in Chrome, Gmail opened, YouTube opened, Facebook messenger opened, NOVA opened, and Asphalt 8 opened all at the same time without any of them falling out of memory, and with more than 1gb RAM to spare.

Ulefone Future review style
If you're considering the Ulefone Future, the big might be the bezel-less display. Ulefone doesn't disappoint here. The display is truly bezel-less and looks good.

Ulefone Future review conclusion
We like the Ulefone Future. It's a good phone and comes recommended, however we wouldn't call it the best buy out there, but the Future can be considered a solid pick.
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