ALCATEL 4060O cricket unlock done

alcate; OT-4060O
Pack 2: Activated
Pack 3: Not activated
--------- 2016-12-02 21:27:56 ---------
SigmaKey 2.21.02 Qcom: Direct unlock
ALCATEL HS-USB Diagnostics 901B (COM144), Provider: TCL, Driver ver.:, Date: 2/1/2015, USBVID_1BBB&PID_901B&REV_0310&MI_01
Phone model: OT-4060A
Baseband Processor: 8909
Detecting flash...eMMC, Flash size: 7.28 Gb
Software IMEI: 014671001080532
Reading security block...XYA0UC00BR10
Security area saved to "C:UsersGHADMANDocumentsSigmaKeysecurity backup14671001080532_8909_eMMC_XYA0UC00BR10.skb"
Unlocking phone....Done
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