Galaxy Note 3 T-Mobile S7 Edge Avengers Conversion

Galaxy Note 3 T-Mobile S7 Edge Avengers Conversion

Step 1. Install DarkWolf ROM for your Galaxy Note 3. (If you are on older V2.0, also update to the latest V8.5)

Step 2. Install Avengers theme and boot animation of your choice. (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, etc…etc…)


Step 1. download Avengers theme APK of your choice:

Iron Man Theme APK

Captain America Theme APK

Step a QMG boot animation of your choice.

Iron Man Android Boot Animation

Captain America Android Boot Animation

Step 3. Once those have been downloaded, install and run Root Browser from Play Store

Step 4. Tap on the theme APK file you downloaded earlier and install it.  You may have to check “Unknown Sources” ON in Settings.

Step 5. Browse to “/data/overlays” directory and delete the “preferences” folder.

Step 6. Next browse to “/data/overlays/jsonfiles/trialjson” and MOVE over the theme file to ” /data/overlays/jsonfiles/userjson”.

Step 7. Reboot and you should now be able to use the new theme.

Step 8. Go back to Root Browser and do a long-press on the boot animation zip file you downloaded and extract.You should see a new folder that contains your new boot animation and shut down animation.

Step 9. Browse to “/system/media” directory and erase bootsamsung.qmg, bootsamsungloop.qmg, and shutdown.qmg files.

Step 10. Copy the new boot animation files bootsamsung.qmg, bootsamsungloop.qmg, and shutdown.qmg to “/system/media” directory.

Step 11. Change the permissions of each copied QMG file to have RW/R/R like shown below:

Step 12. Reboot and you will see the new shutdown animation.Followed by new boot animation.  If you got to this point, congratulations!


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