Samsung Service files [BINARY] {4Files}

I wanted to just take a minute to hopefully help you all out with your issues...

Samsung Releases 2 TYPES of Files....
The First is the "HOME" Upgrade Image.

Inside of this "HOME" file is the changes needed to upgrade the Android OS to it's newer version. This does not ALWAYS have the files needed to repair a device back to "WORKING". There is -NO PIT- files located in these images for a reason.....this is not what you should be using to repair a non-functioning device.

This File Should Be loaded into the "CSC SLOT", not the old school method of loading it into the "AP SLOT". It will work most times, but you will get better results using the CSC.

NOW!!! For the Fun Part!!!

Samsung Also Releases BINARY Files:
This file will contain EVERYTHING required to REPAIR a Device back to factory condition!!

Inside the .zip are usually {4 Files} this became the Naming that people use...but in reality, it is called a BINARY....Just so you learn the Samsung Lingo.

The 4 files are the following:


ALOT of you have been asking for the PIT files to your devices....

After you download the Correct BINARY files for the device you are working on..and extract the BINARY {4Files} can use the PIT FILE that is located inside the CSC without loading it into ODIN Seperatly!!

IF you want to get just the PIT file for use inside the box software....
Download and Install after that....

RIGHT-CLICK on the CSC 7 Zip....Open Archive

Now click on the .pit file and extract to your desired location!

these are the options i use inside ODIN...v3.09 and ABOVE:

1) Auto-Reboot (Restart Device after FLASH)

2) NAND Erase ALL (Clear Blocks of DATA on eMMC)

3) Re-Partition (Upload PIT file to device)

4) F. Reset Time (Reset Factory Flash Counter)

5) Phone Bootloader Update (Reset Bootloader to CLEAN BOOT)

6) Phone EFS Clear (rebuild EFS partition from Backup) {COMPLETELY SAFE...on all Android 4.4.2 and above, from my experiences}

I recommend that if your having issues with a device....this would be the first palce you should start!! Make sure that the device is ready to properly do any WORK to it...and will save you alot of headaches!! :)

ALSO...One last NOTE* MAKE SURE THE DEVICE has a FULL 100% charge when doing helps ensure the BATTERY Callibration does not get out of Whack.....

Thanks for reading!!
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