Mokee 7.1.2 MDSdev

Some time ago came using a Rom Mokee for our Z7 Max, which worked quite well.
 The Rom unloaded it from Needrom and published it "zolDM". It was an official Mokee port of the Z7 mini, but it suddenly disappeared from Needrom and the author stopped supporting and publishing it.

 As I think Rom works quite well, I have managed to take it, taking advantage of the work already started, I updated it to the latest "NiGHTLY" and updated the kernel, which is compiled by me, thanks to the sources of "PaoloW8".

 I think everything works, if you see something that does not work, you just have to tell me.

Important: Before doing anything I advise you to make backup, so that in case of problems you can restore the rom you had.

Multilanguage, Gapps not included, must be installed separately by recovery

Rom Updated. Last security patch. (05/08/2017)
Upload update every 4-5 days.


* Installed by means of TWRP recovery.
* Download the rom file and the gaps, save them in SD or internal memory.
* You start in recovery mode.
* Make wipe of everything, less of the internal and external memory. If you make the internal wipe, then you will have to save the rom in the SD.
* Once made the wipes, you install the Rom.
* When installation is complete
* Install the Gapps
* Once finished installing, reboot

To improve the Wi-Fi and network signal, install the Baseband 389. It is installed by recovery, without wipes.


If you want the most updated gapps, just go to this page: The Open GApps Project

















You always choose: ARM / 7.1 / the module you want, I usually choose the smaller one that is the peak.

Updates (always have a backup handy)

Important: Updates need to be installed in order. After installing an update, you have to restart to install the next one.

The updates that appear to the terminal can not be installed, they will give you error, they are also for the Z7 mini. I do not delete it because if you click on them you comment the changes introduced, which in most cases do not matter.

 Those of this terminal, I will put them here to install by recovery.

 Here I will post the changes introduced by the dev of mokee, or that I can contribute myself. They are installed by recovery and do not affect anything you have, they are like a kind of ota.

The Mokee changes can be seen here: ChangeLog For MoKee Open Source, many are only subject to translations and some improvements, although sometimes they may not improve on the above. It is not a stable version and there are variations daily, although I will hang the updates once a week, so that it is not too heavy.

Remember to make a copy, in case you do not like it you could return to the previous thing, although from one to another update they are solving the subjects.

Thanks: Paolow8, zolDM, team Mokee open source


If you want you can help me with a little help on Paypal

Read The Rest at needrom


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