HDBox-Iphone App 3.0E – 4 and 6 digit pin code type auto-detect(171007)

Box Update 7-10-2017 Box Update 105
In this update we focused on adding support for iPhone 7 and Iphone 7 plus which are having 4 digit pin codes. We have splited the functionality of first step of setup process into two steps, one step to set the length of the pin ( 4 / 6 digits) and one step to set pin codes type/method ( IOS7, IOS8, IOS11 codes )

List of changes:
– Added: HDBox will correctly determine the type of codes based on IOS version
– Added: Added new step in setup process to confirm / modify desired code type
– Tweak: Moved activation of the iPhone 7 functionality from first step to be after code type selection step
– Tweak: Adjusted progress bar when entering iPhone 7 activation code
– Tweak: Added a more strongly visual indicator if the code was not right
– Tweak: Pin Code length and type are saved based per phone, and HDBOX will remember for last 3 connected iphones / ipads / ipods their last code, code length & code type
– Tweak: Adjusted HDBOX’s text-to-speech engine to speak all 6 digits of the code when a 6 digit code is found.

Best regards,
HDBOX Support team.
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